This week’s homework


One last delve into Shakespeare before you all leave us!

Your task is to produce a storyboard for the Bard’s most famous comedy . . .

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This can be done either on paper or electronically (and then printed or e-mailed) and needs to be completed by this Friday when we will pick up the story in class.

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Lacrosse Finalists


Congratulations to the Lacrosse Team who have been crowned the 3rd best team in the UK for the second year running! The children won four matches at the University of Hertfordshire, improving with each game, to secure a place in the Championship round of the National Finals. After an impressive victory in the quarter-finals, the team narrowly missed out on a place in the final by a 9-8 defeat after extra time. The whole team were superb ambassadors for the school and did themselves and Mrs Roberts proud!

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Rugby runners-up

Well done to the ten Year 6 boys who enjoyed a rugby transition event at Wilmslow High School today.  They were taught the rules and skills needed for contact rugby before competing against other schools. A combination of fantastic teamwork, sportsmanship and skills meant they were crowned runners-up of the whole event. Congratulations to all the boys involved! 


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100 WC

For this week, the prompt is 5 words. They can be put anywhere in your writing and in any order but you must use them all. Try to put your words in bold so they are easy to spot.

… Gateway   Cold   Running   Black   Friend…

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Skipping extraordinaires

Today the whole of Year 6 took part in the BHF skipathon. Despite the rain, everyone enjoyed themselves and got a brilliant 30 minutes of intense exercise into their day. Even Mrs Romer and Mrs Roberts had a go!

Please remember to bring your sponsor money in to school after the holidays.





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Pythagoras whizzes

This week in maths Mrs Roberts’ maths class have been looking at triangles and learning all about Pythagoras Theorem. First we drew triangles to work out the length of the hypotenuse before using the formula to calculate the length of missing sides of a triangle. A fantastic effort from everyone!





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Shakespeare Shorts

Some of the fabulous performances from this week’s trip to the Green Room theatre.

Well done everyone!

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Our talented thespians…

Today the whole of Year 6 took part in short performances from a variety of Shakespeare plays at the Green Room Theatre here in Wilmslow. All the children had been allocated a scene from either Hamlet, Macbeth, The Taming of the Shrew or Othello, were tasked with exploring the significance of the scene in their given play and had to identify a key part which they would perform.

Our morning was therefore filled with the delights of murder, betrayal, arguments, murder, witchcraft, poison . . . and some more murder thrown in for good measure!

There were some stunning performances and we were all really impressed at how so many of the children had learned speeches with such complex language!


What is it, do you think, about Shakespeare’s plays that people still find so interesting nearly 400 years since his death?

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Send my friend to school

 Week#33 Send my friend to school

Meet 11 year-old Lucy from Kenya

57 million children around the world are missing out on their right to go to school – and over a third of these children have a disability.

Watch My Friends to School film and the prompt is to:

….Write a letter telling world leaders why Lucy needs to go to school…

As always you have just 100 words for your letter. Think about the best words to PERSUADE someone.

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This week’s 100WC

This week’s 100WC is:

….suddenly, I remembered…

Remember to make your writing as engaging as possible and consider your audience

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