Project Titanic Finale

The Titanic cabins produced for homework were truly spectacular and have now made a brilliant display in the classroom.
What were the main differences between first and third class cabins? Do any of the examples show this clearly?

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Last 100WC for this term

Here in the UK we have gone into ‘British Summer Time’. This means that we had to put our clocks forward which meant that we ‘lost’ an hour! The prompt this week is:

…but I thought I had enough time…


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Trip to Liverpool

A brilliant trip today – well done everyone.
Great to be able to show off so much knowledge about the Titanic and also add to your learning.

Think about the part of the exhibition that was your focus.

What sources of evidence were there?

What did you learn? image

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Sinking of the Titanic

This afternoon we all became animators to create a stop-frame animation of the sinking of the Titanic. Working in Kagan groups, we made a storyboard of our ideas, created props and backgrounds before working patiently to create our short clips. It took a lot of photos to make even a two second animation!

20140325-170742.jpg    20140325-170747.jpg


 What did you enjoy about making your animation? What was the hardest part and why? How could you have made your animation more effective?

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Accomplished artists

This week we have been working on our Picasso portraits and some are now finished! We are really pleased with them and hope you enjoy our take on the Picasso style!image

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This week’s 100WC

Why would you make a good Night Zookeeper?


Click here for more information on the role!

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Project Titanic!

Next Monday we will begin to look at the story of the most famous ship of them all . . Titanic!

As part of this, we are setting you a 2-week homework project to create a replica model of one of the cabins on board using . . . a shoebox!

It is totally up to you what type of cabin you choose. To help you make this decision we would like you to start off by doing some research into the different classes on the ship and post your findings as a comment to this post by this Monday.

Your final shoebox models will be due in on Thursday 3rd April and will form a giant Titanic display in class!

Be creative!

Below are some pictures of models made in other schools to give you some inspiration.

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World War One reflections

The Battle of St Quentin Canal was a pivotal battle which began on 29 September 1918. It involved British, Australian and American forces and their victory was significant in convincing German high command that defeat was inevitable.

After the battle this incredible picture was taken on the banks of the canal.

Describe you reaction to it in the context of the last days of the war.


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Picasso portraits

Today in Art we have been working on our Picasso portraits. Previously, we looked at the work of Picasso and thought about the moods that he was trying to convey in his paintings. We then drew our own interpretation of his portraits and thought about different colours that would convey a specific mood or feelings.
Watch this space for the finished products:





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100 Word Challenge

. . . look up! Can you see . . .

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